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Vet to Cat, home visits

Did you know that most of your cat’s routine veterinary care can be done with minimal stress, in your own home?

At Cambridge Cat Clinic we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality care for our feline patients in a compassionate and stress free environment. However, we all know that getting to the vets is a big part of the problem for many of the cats we meet.

Perhaps you can relate to the following:

  •     Find it difficult getting to a vet because of your own transport issues, health concerns or work schedule?
  •     Your cat is elderly or has an illness that is likely to be made worse by stress?
  •     Taken on a rescue cat or one with an anxious temperament?
  •     Previously been advised it's not worth bringing your cat back to a vet practice (unless it's a matter of life or death) because your cat becomes "unmanageable" or is too traumatised?
  •     Been injured by your cat in the process of trying to get them into a carrier?
  •     Feeling guilty - your cat's vaccinations have lapsed and they're overdue a general check up?

We can provide most routine veterinary care in your home including wellness checks for kittens to seniors, vaccinations, blood pressure measurement, blood and urine sampling, dental follow up checks and weight monitoring. We can also deliver compassionate end of life care.

Our new Vet-To-Cat service is available for all pre-planned visits, within 20 minutes of the Cambridge Cat Clinic. Local visit slots will be arranged on Mondays to Wednesdays, every week between the hours of 10am-4pm. The fee is an affordable £15, on top of the cost of the service supplied.

For our clients that are further away from us or for more urgent visits, our normal visit fees apply.

Being part of Cambridge Cat Clinic means that if your cat requires treatment that cannot be given at your home, you have the reassurance that he or she will be looked after by passionate cat loving staff in an environment that concentrates all its resources and expertise on cats.

If you would like to book your cat a visit or to find out more, please get in touch:

01223 880707 or email