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Digital X-ray

When cats are ill or injured, obtaining accurate x-rays are often essential in making a diagnosis. They are particularly useful to detect bone fractures, lung problems, gut obstructions and dental disease.

The clinic has an ultra-modern digital system. The images produced are of the highest quality which is of the upmost importance in interpretation. The technology means we can obtain images rapidly, allowing shorter sedation or anaesthetic time and more expedient treatment for our patients. The x-rays are digitally archived which makes them much easier to retrieve, compare with previous x-rays, or send to specialist radiologists for expert interpretation.

Using digital x-rays eliminates the need for processing chemicals, which have a significant detrimental impact on the environment.


An ultrasound scan is a painless, non-invasive way of looking inside a cat’s body. Depending on the patient, it is often possible to perform scans without sedation or anaesthesia. Ultrasound allows the structure of individual organs to be examined in great detail; the function of some organs can be assessed, for example the heart. Samples of diseased tissue can be obtained using a needle (biopsy or aspirate), guided by the ultrasound image.

At Cambridge Cat Clinic we have an ultrasound machine with a very high specification, which has been chosen specifically, to produce optimum image quality in cats.