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Hospital Ward

If your cat is admitted to the clinic, as a day case or an inpatient, he or she will benefit from our carefully designed ward.

The ward is a calm, quiet sanctuary, with feline facial pheromones pumped into the atmosphere at all times. The patients never face each other, so as to minimise stress from unfamiliar cats. The cages are spacious warm and soundproof, so as to reassure even the most nervous patients. Cats prefer vertical space, rather than a large ground area and our cages are designed with this in mind. A shelf is provided to allow cats to sit on or hide under, depending on their character. Our cages have glass doors rather than a wire cage front to prevent the patients from getting their claws or paws caught and also to provide further noise insulation. All members of the team make sure that every cat gets lots of attention, play and grooming, depending on his or her preference.