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About us

A specialist feline veterinary clinic offers many benefits for both you and your cat.

Cats are very sensitive to stress and this will adversely affect their general wellbeing and recovery from surgery or illness. Our cat only clinic will address this by:
    •    Being free from the sight, sound and smell of other animal species (especially dogs).
    •    Using gentle and sympathetic handling to encourage our patients to become much less apprehensive while being examined or treated.

Cats seem to recognise ‘cat people’ and all our staff are trained to be especially feline friendly.
    •    Use of calming feline pheromone diffusers throughout the clinic
    •    Providing longer appointment times. Our consultations last 20 minutes, which is double the average for general practices, at no additional cost. This will allow time for your cat to become accustomed to and calm in the veterinary environment and allow you to feel less rushed, to be able to ask questions and talk through your cat’s needs.

We concentrate our resources and expertise solely on cats, which allows us to provide optimal standards of care.
We put cats first when we considered:
    •    Design of the clinic
    •    Hospital accommodation
    •    Diagnostic and surgical equipment
    •    Anaesthetic  and monitoring equipment
    •    Medicines we supply