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You are as important as your cat (just don’t tell them we said that!)

on December 7, 2012 - 10:26am

If I was taking my own cat, Perry, to the vets, I would expect the staff to be compassionate towards him, as I would assume that they love and respect the patients as if they were their own - but I wonder if this patience and understanding always translates to their owners?

Creating a bond between us and our clients, is just as important to us as creating a good relationship with your feline friends. You are the first step in noticing pain, diagnosing an illness, and treating or monitoring a disease. This is a key aspect of our holistic approach to patient care, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your cat.

We pride ourselves on never doing anything, or selling you something, that your cat doesn’t genuinely need. We value good, honest, customer care and try to use our own experiences to ensure that we pay attention to the details.  This sets us aside from other practices, and has also earned us our gold Cat Friendly Clinic award.

  • We are a small, open and approachable team - you will always know who you are talking to, and recognise a friendly face!
  • We carry out all of our own emergency 24 hour care, so you don’t have to worry about unknown staff, transfer of medical records or having to find a strange destination in your time of need.
  • We take our time explaining things verbally, but we can also provide visual and auditory information, such as slide shows, videos and interactive displays.
  • We can send you a reminder the evening before an appointment or procedure, to help keep your busy schedules organised. We can also arrange to send you monthly reminders for your cats worming or flea control.
  • We can contact you by text message, email, phone or post – which ever method you find most convenient and practical for communication with the clinic.
  • If you need an appointment that isn’t necessarily on our consultation time table, we will do our best to create an appointment time especially for you.
  • If you require an early appointment on your way to work in the morning, we can keep your feline friend here with us, until you collect them after work in the evening through our drop off service.
  • If your cat has a procedure booked in but you are having difficulty getting transport for the morning, we can admit them the evening before, to board with us overnight.
  • If you can’t come to us, we can arrange a time for a home visit.
  • We can pre-book you monthly nurse appointments for tablet or spot on administrations, if you have a cat that doesn’t want to play along (you know who you are!)
  • If you are having trouble getting to the clinic to collect food or medication, we may be able to post it, or drop it off for you.
  • We look after our senior kittizens just as well as our senior citizens – we can help you with arranging transport, advice on home cat carers and ensure that everything is kept suitable for your day to day lifestyle! We also have a “Kids Only” corner for our younger owners, with books, toys and colouring in.
  • We can even help you with paperwork, such as insurance claim forms and pet passports.

One of the most important services that we provide is looking after you when you need us most. We will try to go the extra mile to meet your needs, whether you need a calm and peaceful goodbye, some friendly reassurance, or a long chat and a shoulder to cry on. We all understand the companionship a feline best friend can bring, as well as the concern we feel for them when they are unwell. Some veterinary clinics may disregard these points as unnecessary details, but we recognise that these make up the foundation for a great relationship with both our owners and our cats, and we would accept nothing less!

And most important of all, we are always here to offer a hot cup of tea and a biscuit!