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We have some Cunning Plans!

on September 27, 2012 - 11:14am

 It may be a remnant of schooldays, but we always think of autumn as a new beginning rather than a more pessimistic end of summer.  Who doesn’t love the crisp sunny mornings and reddening leaves? The thought that most of the rodents will be hibernating soon, rather than running around the kitchen, chased by a persistent puss!  This event almost always triggers a rummage through the calendar to look when we last wormed the cat, followed by the realisation that it was at least 4 months ago, and we really should do better!

We have had lots of enquiries from our existing clients about preventative healthcare and ways to budget for their cat’s routine treatment. We have taken everyone’s wish lists on board, done a lot of thinking and number crunching and are at last proud to announce the launch of our tailor made preventative healthcare plans.

These are an excellent way to save money and pay in monthly, quarterly or yearly instalments for your feline friend’s preventative healthcare.   The plans are not designed to replace an insurance policy.  Instead they cover the ‘routine’ things that your insurance doesn’t.

The ethos of our clinic is to treat your cat as an individual and we recognise that one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to our feline friends. With this in mind we have created healthcare plans that can be specifically tailored to your cat’s needs, taking into account lifestyle, age and medical history.  All the plans include annual vaccination, 6 monthly check ups and flea and worm treatment as an absolute minimum. We have calculated that you could save up to 20% on these things when purchased individually. In addition to this saving, by joining the plan you receive discounts on further consultations, emergency fees, long term medication, oral care products, dental descale and polishing procedures, Feliway© products, Royal Canin lifestage food, all prescription diets and Kong© toys purchased from our clinic.

For those of you that may have or be thinking about a new kitten (or kittens!), we have put together a comprehensive package to help you budget for and save money on everything needed during his or her first year. This includes their primary vaccination course, microchipping, neutering, free kitten pack, flea and worm treatments and much more! 

For our more senior feline friends we have plans that include the routine blood screening and or urine analysis that would be required for cats to look for early signs of conditions such as renal disease, diabetes or hyperthyroidism. These tests would be very relevant for older cats that have already been diagnosed with a medical condition, to monitor their treatment or disease progression.  We have calculated that for an average hyperthyroid cat, the annual saving could be as much as £130 per year!

We have put a lot of thought into these health plans, and would love to talk to you about which plan would be appropriate for your feline friend(s).

Feline Better!


roz65uk's picture


My Mum is in a state about her 4 1/2 month old female kitten.

Last week she noticed a 10p sized bit of fur missing from the back of her neck and took her to her local vet in Notts. The vet administered an antibiotic injection and gave oral antibiotics for Mum to give to the kitten. The vet thought that the kitten had probably been bitten by the other kitten in the household who is the same age but not from the same litter.

Today Mum has been nursing the cat all day to stop her from scratching and licking herself and has an appointment back at the vet tomorrow but in the meantime she is in a state and is worried about what state the kitten will be in in the morning.

Any help gratefully appreciated - I am in Lincolnshire so can only offer telephone support to my very anxious mother!!