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Special Autumn Offer: Screen for the Unseen!

on September 9, 2013 - 2:42pm

Autumn seems to have arrived suddenly this year.  I have always loved this time of year; the landscape bursting with reds and golds on a crisp sunny morning.  Similarly in my opinion, cats in the autumn of their lives are still full of beauty and are often more affectionate and interactive than when they were younger.

It’s a time where our cats start to spend more time indoors with us, as the evenings become darker and they find a warm, cosy cushion preferable to the chilly wind outside. This may give us an opportunity to notice subtle changes in their mobility, eating, sleeping or drinking behaviours.  In our older feline friends these changes may signify the onset of a problem, which is always better dealt with before it progresses.  For a large number of middle aged to older cats, these changes are not present, especially very early on in a disease process and so we rely on routine screening of these cats to monitor trends as well as pick up overt abnormalities.  I recommend all cats should be fully examined and weighed more frequently as they age.  In line with the ISFM endorsed life stage guidelines, I advise that as a minimum, all cats over 8 years old have yearly urine tests while those over 12 years have a full blood profile and blood pressure measurement.  Early detection of problems is crucial for successful management.

The justification for the expense of performing these tests, as well as the (minimal in our hands!) stress of collecting samples is now backed up by some interesting data, published this year.  Researchers found than in a group of 100 seemingly healthy cats, over the age of 6 years, there was a significant trend towards increasing blood pressure, heart rate and murmurs and decreasing body weight and red cell counts as the cats aged.  Amongst other changes they picked up significant dental problems in 70% of the cats, high blood pressure in 8%, kidney disease in 30% and thyroid disease in 20%. 

As if this has not convinced you enough, we are running a fantastic promotion for cats aged 9 years or more.  Our ‘screen for the unseen’ offer* includes:

  • Full clinical exam and weight check
  • Nutritional and parasite control review
  • Full urine analysis
  • Laboratory analysis of blood sample

All this for only £60, a saving of over 50% of the normal £135. 

I really hope that as many cats as possible will benefit from this very special offer.  To have your cat screened, just contact reception and book your cat an appointment, quoting the offer.

*Offer ends 30-11-2013, terms and conditions apply. 


Reference: Routine health screening: findings in apparently healthy middle-aged and old cats.Paepe D, Verjans G, Duchateau L, Piron K, Ghys L, Daminet S. J Feline Med Surg. 2013 Jan;15(1):8-19.


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